What is market sizing

February 28, 2023

The method automates the manual process of buying digital media or advertising space. This concept is simpler, faster, less costly than traditional methods and speeds up media planning. Year-to-year global programmatic advertising spend. Total spend on programmatic advertising grew in 2019 compared to 2019. We’re talking billions of dollars per year. The above forecast was released at the beginning of the year, and it is estimated that the global expenditure will reach 100 million US dollars by 2010. That is, if spending keeps growing proportionally. However, there are good reasons to believe that won’t happen.

Allows organizations to estimate

Another recently released statistic measuring changes in Cameroon Phone Number List programmatic ad spending predicts that it will increase over the next few years, but at a slower rate. Year-to-year change in global programmatic advertising spending. So, where is programmatic advertising headed, and why should we question its future? It becomes apparent when you understand how the discipline works and what it involves. Programmatic Advertising Definitions: To understand the process, it’s best to first define the relevant terms. The world of media buying and digital advertising is full of acronyms and acronyms, and we break down the key terms here.

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Potential profit from a new product

Advertiser A party that wants to advertise its product or service, in other BT Leads words, a business brand, and other digital service providers, websites, e-commerce sellers, you name it. Sometimes, advertisers hire ad agencies to do programmatic advertising for them, or to take over their digital advertising entirely. Publisher This party owns the space where advertisers can place their ads. They offer ad space for sale. In media buying terms, this is also known as inventory. Ad exchanges Ad exchanges are where the magic happens, or more precisely, the deals happen. This is a platform for auctioning advertising space. You can compare it to the stock market, where one party offers an asset for sale and the other bids to buy it.

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