What else to pay attention

November 21, 2023

What else to pay attention to? The aim of employer branding activities may also be to increase brand awareness on the market among potential employees living in the company’s surroundings), or to increase employee efficiency by introducing a friendly social policy and improving internal communication. An important element of the strategy is EVP. Employee Value Proposition . It is a set of unique employer values ​​aime at attracting potential talent to the company. EVP is a useful tool in the era of highly competitive market. It facilitates conscious conduct of employer branding activities.

Surroundings or to increase

It allows you to reach more suitable candidates – those who perfectly match the vision and character of the company (the profile of an ideal employee). Efficient implementation of EVP reuces employee turnover and may increase employee involvement in the company’s photo editor development. Strong foundations are of great importance in employer branding. As an employer, you should think about what you can really offer your current and future employees. You can’t promise mountains of gold. Everything has to be truthful, authentic. The creativity of the strategy is also important. Unconventional actions have a better chance of success.

Employee efficiency by introducing

At the beginning, you nee to take care of the internal employer branding in order to think about the external one. The nees of employees should always come first – benefits, stable employment conditions, good communication, real opportunities for development, friendly atmosphere BT Leads in the workplace. Focusing on employees is an opportunity to offer good employment conditions to potential candidates. Promises must match reality. You cannot promise “mountains of gold” in advertisements if we are unable to provide them.

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