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March 4, 2023

A domain name cannot be purchase permanently it can only be lease for a period of time. Site mirroring is a copy of resources under different domain names. A site can have multiple mirrors, but only one domain is designate as the primary mirror and enters the search results. Sitemap View Sitemap A client is a user device that requests data from a server. A client is a computer or smartphone browser that accesses a server to open a resource. A server response code, or status code, is a three-digit number that a user’s browser receives when accessing a site’s server.

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For example, a response code indicates that the server was unable to find the data Morocco Phone Number List requeste by the user. Why do we nee server response codes and how to check them We talk about status codes on our blog See Server Response Codes Cookies See Cookies A log file is a document in which data is recorde in chronological order about user visits and errors that occur on a website . Meta Tags See Meta Tags Micro tags, or semantic tags, are a set of tags and attributes use for layout, whose purpose is clear from the name. If the label doesn’t tell us anything, it’s clear from the label’s name that the content will be displaye in the table. Microtagging simplifies the work of developers and helps search algorithms better identify the nature of information.

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Navigation links or breadcrumbs are navigational elements on a website. Represents the BT Leads chain of pages a user went through to reach the current page. Example breadcrumbs on a blog Example breadcrumbs on a blog Non-unique content Material borrowe from other sources. Because the content is not unique, the site drops in search results or is exclude entirely. Pagination is the placement of information on a website on individually numbere pages. Occurrence density or how often the word is use relative to other words in the text. Articles that the algorithms deem highly disgusting are less useful to readers. So they rank poorer in search engines. Highlights the words. Their forms and synonyms in the user’s request in the search results and in bold in the site summary.

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