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Companies can also empower themselves in this context, producing content that attracts potential customers , stimulates desire for products and services, generates leads and promotes increas sales. How we do it at Orgânica Our strategies are data-driven and start from defining an ideal customer profile (ICP) to creating relevant content to connect the purchasing journey to the sales funnel . We explore different points of contact according to the affinity to the profile of each audience and, in this way, we attract more visitors, generate leads at different stages of the journey and create stimuli in multiple channels for them to progress to the purchase phase.

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And this is how we achieve excellent results for companies like Cresol, Grupo Panvel and Bettanin — results that I will tell you about right now! A key turn in online advertising strategy The first three months of 2023 have been uneventful for our new data online advertising strategies. We maintain a conservative stance in our campaigns, aim at generating leads from potential customers in the purchase consideration phase . In April, seeking more significant results, a key change came: we optimiz content for lead generation, providing rich materials with practical value for the characteristics of our Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) .

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The results: 13x more leads in 2 months! With a contribution of just 50% in the mia budget, we generat 1239% more leads in less than 2 months, with an immiate impact of 130% more commercial opportunities and an 88% ruction in BT Leads Cost per Lead (CPL) . This means that, in the comparison between February/March and April/May, our sales team had to work hard to present our value proposition to more than twice as many prospects ! In addition to all this growth, new qualifi leads, who have not yet request a quote, are already being impact by remarketing and email marketing actions to also advance in the sales funnel.

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