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February 26, 2023

Competing VPN providers among VPN’s recurring affiliate programs offer up to commission for new signups, follow by a relatively high monthly recurring commission. Some add bonuses and other incentives. Most of their advertising is done by affiliates, and they have a large number of affiliates to manage. Here are some examples: PureVPN: Up to plus recurring commission, cookie valid for days. It also offers bonuses for high performers and twotier plans. ZenMate: monthly new signups, recurring commission on renewals.

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For annual plans, the initial payout is , follow by . The cookie is valid for days. NordVPN has Sri Lanka Phone Number List the same setup as ZenMate. Sign up every month, recurring and onetime payments, and recurring commissions on longterm plans. This website does not disclose the life cycle of cookies in advance. HideMyAss (HMA affiliates earn the same as affiliates of competing VPN providers, but the cookie expires for days. The program is currently clos to new affiliates, and vendors offer other partnership opportunities. VPN affiliates often run review or comparison sites. When you search for “best VPN”, Google will give you three pages of almost exclusive affiliate content (even the top ads are from affiliates.

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Competition in this space is what drives the high commissions. When we look at BT Leads  where affiliates were sending their traffic, it was no surprise that we found that all popular VPN providers were on the same affiliate list. Screenshot of Similarweb outgoing traffic from an affiliat website. Discover the websites of competitors that affiliates send traffic to. Notable Email Marketing Software Affiliate Program AWeber offers one of the most generous affiliate programs for email marketing software. It calls it an Advocate program, but it has all the hallmarks of an affiliate program. The recurring commission is and the cookie has an unusually long lifespan of days. GetResponse start as an email marketing automation tool and has grown into a comprehensive marketing tool with site builder, landing page creator.

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