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February 28, 2023

Let’s take a look at the affiliate metrics that will allow you to identify the best affiliate networks and decide what steps to take to optimize your program over time. Sales per affiliate Identify affiliates that drive the highest sales value. Benchmarking the sales each affiliate generates is an excellent way to set goals and reward high performers. Keep an eye on top partners as they are your main value drivers. Monitoring sales per affiliate also allows you to identify new affiliates with high potential. Year-over-year growth While this metric is insightful in many ways, many league managers don’t pay enough attention to it.

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First, you’ll find out how your affiliate partners are growing. Just like Cyprus Phone Number List you need to keep growing and expanding, so do they. If the number of your top memberships is stagnating year after year, you need to examine why. Compare the growth rates of your affiliate partners to see who is progressing faster than the others. Affiliates that bring in less clicks or sales than your top performers but are growing faster may be the ones you want to reward and nurture. Engagement Measuring Audience Engagement allows you to evaluate traffic quality. The best affiliates have loyal, trusting audiences, which indicates high engagement on membership sites.

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It’s simple math. People follow advice and referrals from people they BT Leads consider reliable, in this case affiliates. This is reflected in visit duration, number of pages visited, and similar engagement metrics. Give each member an engagement score to ease your hard work. The score takes into account various engagement metrics and presents a numerical score. Affiliates with high engagement are more likely to drive high-value traffic. If this is not the case, you may have a mismatch with your audience. Another reason could be that the same affiliate works with your competitors and sends the most traffic there.

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