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March 7, 2023

I spent my earnings on my first batch of makeup and small personal makeup sessions. Literally a few months later, I started working on independent images, and almost a year later, I had my first big training session. At the beginning of the journey, of course, there is a lack of good basic knowledge. I got them through experience, but now I start differently: first I take good basic courses, then in the course of my work I decide which areas I want to improve now: coloring, makeup boosting, weddings Hairstyles, arrows and taking individual lessons or masterclasses on these topics.

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A year into my career, I started to feel like I was a sought-after makeup C Level Contact List artist, and around the same time I started earning my first income. Now, eight years later, I work in makeup and hair on photo shoots for websites and blogs, video shoots for training sessions, and shoots for catalogs, banners and brand advertisements. I’m very happy with my almost random choice: Makeup Artist This career is perfect for me Daily tips from digital mentors are in your telegram! Subscription Channel Subscription Demand for Makeup Artist Profession During the lockdown period, the market demand for beauty services has dropped significantly, because even marriage registration is done online, and QR codes are required to go to salons.

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Still, many makeup artists continue to work outside of the salon as they do BT Leads makeup and hair at home. Today, social events are gaining momentum: holidays, movies, fashion shows, and other offline events are once again taking place with the required number of attendees. Therefore, the work of professional makeup artists is full. Many companies and brands are now looking for a team of all-round masters who can provide multiple beauty services at the same time. On , you’ll find dozens of job openings for a makeup artist with the skills of a stylist, eyebrow stylist or cosmetic.

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