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February 27, 2023

Therefore, Texts don’t need to sell anything or draw attention to a product, they just need to help a person through the entire user journey. ExamplesLeave feedback so we can improve our servicesUser experience authors must understand users’ needs and goals, and write user behavior scripts in an easy-to-understand language. In writing, you need to fit all your ideas into the minimum number of characters. Don’t confuse a writer with a technical writer. These are different professions. Technical writers create technical documentation for external and internal use.

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Such an expert needs a technical education, and he must also be proficient in the Brazil Phone Number List structure and function of the product he is writing about. UX writers are typically reporters, editors, and copywriters. To create text, you don’t have to understand the technical components of development. You need to imagine the paths users take through all stages of interacting with a digital product. Katerina Vasilyeva, User Experience Editor When you go to the Thinline platform and try to find editorial jobs, you’ll see a large percentage of jobs titled User Experience Writer Editorial Copywriter. UX writers write text with users in mind. How to name the button so the user clicks it? Do you need a hint on this specific part of the app.

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What about the description of the app itself in the store? What should BT Leads users read to download this app? The answers to all these questions are what writers look for before creating their texts. How to Create User Experience Text Fundamentals Year, an international conference held in California discussing the rules and characteristics of creating text. We describe the conclusions reached by the experts and the principles that are relevant today. User-centered UX writers always think about the users of digital products and put themselves in their shoes. Terminology should be familiar, titles should be clear, operations should be familiar. Experts see text as an algorithm in which the user can step through all the steps and get the desired result.

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