The video service team has far-reaching plans

February 28, 2023

These services are not purchased by children. Furthermore, we tested platforms even before blocking known ones. Now, whether they want to or not, everyone is turning to other social networks that are allowed in the Russian Federation. Before they even looked in their direction, it was futile. I agree that the algorithm in is not that perfect, you have to hyper-segment the audience, but there are many advantages to being flexible. Set up a competitor community. Setting it up for active users in a competitor’s community is also effective. These are the most targeted leads, and we use this setup on almost all projects. Keyword settings. My favorite setup. Contextual targeting allows you to show ads to users who are in the final stages of making a purchasing decision.

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They are already looking for a company that can take the money to buy the South Korea Phone Numbers List product they need. Ultra accurate geography. The accuracy is up to meters. You can show your ad to people who live in a specific home. Just a dream! I won’t dwell on the additional functionality parsers that provide us with programs that collect user data. Through them, you can learn almost everything about the user. The biggest mistake now is to freeze and do nothing. There are only a handful of advertising tools left on the Internet. Therefore, I recommend merchants who still have doubts to switch. Definitely not what it used to be.

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The development of your account

Yes, you will have to adapt, change, but it will definitely bear fruit. Ekaterina is BT Leads sure that is the future of marketing in Russia. Online courses will help you adapt to current realities, learn Russian social networks at a professional level and start actively promoting goods and services on the Internet. Daily tips from digital tutors right in your Telegram! Subscription Channel Subscription to the best jobs and promotion courses Online courses are so popular that training courses using Russian social networks can be found on many educational platforms. However, with such a huge variety of courses, choosing the best one is not an easy task.

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