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The topic is relevant. The service automatically loads statistics. On the video made and freezes. The payment amount on the internal account to ensure the security of the transaction. In case of controversial situations. The employees of the Transaction Arbitration Department are always ready to help. After registration, the user gets access to the catalog of performers and freely switches between roles site owner or advertiser. This may be useful if you run your own channel and would like to order advertising for it. At the moment, the service only works with YouTube video bloggers ; in the near future it is expect to be able to connect.

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Instagram and Telegram bloggers. Who benefits from using it. Advertisers photo editing servies whose advertising campaign is bas on working with opinion leaders. What to advertise? Goods , services. New Advertising Features on Snapchat. Behavioral targeting. Snapchat will use information about user behavior on the app for targeting. Subscriptions to news and entertainment accounts , obvious interests and preferences of the audience will help marketers target advertising to relevant categories. He is responsible for serving ads to users whose behavior on Snapchat is similar to the company’s current customers. Who benefits from using it? Advertisers who want to expand their audience without changing it.

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What to advertise? Brands , products , services.  Advertising BT Leads API. Advertisers will be able to use programmatic interfaces. To launch large scale campaigns instead of launching target small deals with Snapchat. Brands will now be able to tap the expertise of Snapchat’s third party ” creative partners” to create creative and engaging content. . Advertising measurement. Snapchat is gradually building a chain of partnerships with such reputable analytical centers as Moat , Nielsen mobile Digital Ad Ratings and Google DoubleClick this will help the platform’s advertisers better understand how their campaigns affect the audience and what results they bring.

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