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March 4, 2023

A search algorithm is a set of mathematical rules us e to analyze the content of web pages. With its help, the system can determine what is being discuss e on the site and whether this information matches the user’s request. Search results contain a list of sources of information publish e by search engines in response to user requests. Search traffic is the number of users who see a web property in search results and click a link. Pessimization is a type of search engine sanction. Indicates that a web page is dropping down in the search results list. For example, if a site ranks third for the query Moscow’s kitchen ordering in it might be last on the list after pessimization. A search index is a search engine data store in which information about all index e resources is collect e.

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A search engine is a program that analyzes a user’s query and selects the most Mac eonia Phone Number List relevant pages from a database. Examples of search engines etc. Search bots See Crawlers  Bounce rate is the percentage of users who visit only one page of a website. In a session shorter than a second is also consider e a failure, during. Which the visitor did not perform a target e action. Reasons for rejection could be excessive page load time, lack of information the user ne es, etc. Simply put, ranking is the order of web resources in search results which website ranks first, which website ranks second, and so on.

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A site’s position on the list depends on many factors BT Leads textual, social, behavioral, commercial, etc. Relevance comes from how useful the site’s useful information is to users who are looking for answers to specific questions. To assess relevance, search engines analyze the user’s location, keywords and subject terms in queries and content, and more. is a collection of websites in Russian. The rest of the internet is call e bourgeois or bourgeois.

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