The price of the product

The price of the product . With a particular specification for any ongoing discounts and promotions. The meta description . Which represents the marketing lever useful for pushing the user to take action. It must be persuasive and captivating and can be enrich by any ongoing promotions or discountsWithout clicks there is no action and without action there is no purchase: the calls to action must. Therefore. Be in tune with the actions expect from the user

they must include both the product

they must include both the product name and any latest database  secondary keywords in the alt text attribute and must be renam using the product name. Another precaution: the photos must be small in size. Without losing quality. They must show the product from multiple angles. With a different perspective and with some details highlightThe price of the product

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they help the user evaluate the product

they help the user evaluate the product and e-commerce to stand out from BT Leads the various competitors and be remember. Call to action in the product sheetsCall-to-action buttons on an e-commerce site play a fundamental The price of the productrole in converting those who simply “Window shop” into a customer who actually makes a purchase. The buttons must be simple. Clear and guide the visitor to complete the order.

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