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An example of mentioning a positive. Mark Reports, alerts and notifications – keep your finger on the pulse. They can be sent to the phone in the mobile application or by e-mail. What’s more – the frequency of receiving them is also movable and. Depending on your nes, you can receive them even every hour. Thanks to this, you can be sure that no mention, especially the negative one, will be miss. Company reputation and ways to manage brand reputation online – – notification function in Brand24 Setting up notifications in the Brand24 panel Build brand awareness The simple truth is that the more people know about your brand, the better. So it’s worth identifying people who aspire to become brand ambassadors and spread good opinions about you.

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The power of influencer marketing is powerful, and establishing additional communication with people who can support your product among thece is a chance to Latest Mailing Database increase the brand’s popularity. What can you do? Your customers are the best ambassadors of the brand, so it is worth looking for influential people among them in the first place. People who do not generate such large reach in social mia are micro-influencers . In return, they have recipients who, compar to macro-influencers, show much greater commitment. In discovering potential ambassadors, the list of TOP 100 Public Profiles.

Latest Mailing Database

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Automatically generat on the basis of collect threads from the project, is invaluable . Company reputation and ways to manage brand reputation online – – list of TOP Public Profiles in Brand24 In a similar way, you can select  who post about you. In this BT Leads case, on the number of mentions and reaching the audience. to manage brand reputation online – – list of the most active profiles in Brand24 Thanks to this, you can quickly check who has the greatest influence on the environment or who participates in discussions about you most often.

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