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Testim is an automated testing platform that enables the rapid creation of reliable tests powered by AI as well as quality scale tools. It useso recognize and lock visual features, as well as improve the test stability of functional UI tests.

 can be run in or out of the browser can be included in tests. His experiments are recorded and then modified in his visual editor. AI-powered locators lock elements instantly.

Test measures are specific objects that can be set, shared, aggregated and parameterized. Testim helps keep tests clean by finding unwanted test steps that can be replaced by shared objects.

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Tests can be performed locally, on a Testim grid, or on compatible buy phone leads grids. Testim interacts with common development tools such as collaboration, VCS, and continuous integration servers.

It also has a schedule for scheduled runs. Test status support in managing test life cycles from draft to evaluation, active or quarantine.

s the results of test runs, and management reports show team and test performance as well as trends to help identify process improvements. Failed step indicators, before/after snapshots, parsed consoles, and network logs provide root cause analysis.

A dashboard display

It also supports many different BT Leads integrations with important frameworks. AI-driven computer vision technology is used by Applitools to build and execute robust tests that are self-updating.

The platform makes it simple to generate a complete set of tests in minutes, and is especially helpful for visual regression testing (or validation testing). For use cases involving dynamic graphic material, this is a good solution.

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