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Pros & Cons There is no upper limit to a hairdresser’s salary Hairdressers can learn a lot to advance in their career and can apply what they have learne to themselves: for example, learn a certain hair care technique and try it out on your hair; you can learn a lot from Start at any age You just nee to take courses to work You can become a famous teacher and provide hairdressing services for meia people You will always be informe of news and trends in the beauty industry; can participate in professional competitions Risk of allergies and bronchopulmonary diseases Hairdressers inhale paint fumes and fine dust as they work.

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This is unavoidable during the haircutting process. The work is physically Dubai Mobile Number List difficult. Hairdressers work on their feet all day. At the beginning of their careers, clients may be few the high cost of tools that nee to be service and replace on a regular basis the skills a hairdresser nees to do a lot to keep clients coming back and recommending a hairdresser to friends and acquaintances. We list the main professional skills neee by a hairdresser: Knowlege of trends in the beauty industry Hairdresser knows relevant hairstyles, hairstyles and types of hair coloring; Ability to use professional tools Working with them.

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Color Basics Master knows how to mix different shades of paint to get the BT Leads desire color. Skills in working with different hair types Hairdresser is able to determine hair type and choose hair. Styling, care and coloring techniques. Ability to communicate correctly with clients. A professional hairdresser is able to competently ask questions about future haircuts. Know how to maintain a conversation if a client wants to talk, and give advice correctly about a client’s hair. Masters in any beauty salon are require to maintain order in the workplace and monitor the condition of tools.

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