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February 26, 2023

That means the industry is on track to earn about billion in the quarter. That’s where all the money goes. Popular categories In terms of revenue growth monthonmonth, equipment, software and electronics ranked the top three, with growth of , and respectively. The best categories for back to school are based on Amazon spending. However, if we look at the change in total product views, apparel surged to the top spot with over . billion sales. Interestingly, this shows that shoppers are paying more attention to clothes but spending more on equipment. Does this fit with the backtoschool shopping trend? Dare I say that. If you have a big list, you check off everything you need and prioritize your purchases.

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Top categories based on Amazon pageviews. Amazon “Back to School” Keywords As a busy Poland Phone Number List parent looking to get everything I need quickly, I did a definite search on Amazon. So, this is what I decided to investigate. A quick look at the keyword “back to school” in our Amazon Keyword Analysis tool shows huge monthovermonth growth. Clearly, related searches like “back to school supplies” and “back to school shirts” are also up. Back to school keywords agree, nothing too surprising. Let’s dig deeper. Top Brands The top brands on Amazon for the keyword “back to school” are (applause the top products. As can be expected, many of these brands appear in the top purchased products for popular keywords.

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The following are the top ten products by monthly growth rate. Notice how many BT Leads  of these products are sold in bulk? Top picks for backtoschool products in . If we filter by total units sold, this is what we see. The most popular backtoschool products on Amazon (based on units sold. Let me quickly draw your attention to some key points. The Mead brand sells the most. The bestselling products are absolutely genderneutral essentials. Many big, trusted brands still win in terms of total sales. It’s not over yet For many students, with school starting September st, there’s still a little time to make those lastminute.

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