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February 27, 2023

In separate modules, you will learn to be a barber to cut and shave with a straight razor. During your course, you will do an internship at a beauty co-working or another beauty salon in your city. School affiliates operate in cities and countries. result. During the training, you will collect a portfolio and be able to publish it on your social networks. Upon completion of the course, you will be awarded a nationally recognized certificate or diploma and an educational license, which will enable you to teach other masters.

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The school’s careers specialists will help you write your resume and prepare Northeast Mobile Phone Number List for interviews. bonus. As a gift, you’ll get an open private chat and a session to reduce stress and anxiety. Editor’s Choice Best Courses for Creating Hairstyles for Men and Women Best Courses for Beginners to Create Hairstyles for Men and Women In About Courses The duration of this program is at months. You will learn how to cut hair using different techniques and at different lengths. who is suitable. Beginners and experienced craftsmen. What will you learn. You’ll create hairstyles for women using layering, line and gradient techniques, and short and long hairstyles for men using elongated and square layer techniques. You’ll learn how to style your beard and mustache and how to use dangerous blades.

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You’ll learn how to combine classic, modern and designer hairstyles BT Leads and their elements to create a stylish personal look. You will complete your internship at a beauty salon in your city. result. At the end of the training, you will be awarded a diploma and you will also be awarded the fourth hair service specialist category. You’ll add photos of your first job to your portfolio, and a career counselor will help you build your resume. What criteria do we use when choosing our courses? We have been in the field of online education since 2000, during which time we have researched a large number of educational options.

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