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April 3, 2023

This means identifying keywords that drive a lot of quality traffic. Keyword analysis enables you to conduct competitive research to gain the data and insights you need. Also, see what works for the competition and who are the most successful video marketers in your industry. Check which types of videos are most successful, how they are promoted, and the engagement they get. You can do it right now. Keywords are the cornerstone of your strategy. To build a robust framework, you need to make sure that no important elements are missing. In other words, find out if there are gaps in your keyword list. Using the Keyword Gap Analysis tool, you can discover keywords that others are using in their schema and find what you are missing.

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In this article, we’ll explain what keyword gap means, and how to solidify Special Database your keyword targeting strategy. What is Keyword Gap Analysis? To describe keyword gap analysis, we first need to figure out what a keyword gap is. Keyword Gap is a measure of the difference in keywords between you and your competitors. Most keyword research tools will compare the keywords your website ranks for against the keywords your competitors rank for. The Keyword Gap feature goes a step further and compares the traffic generated by these keywords.

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It seems a bit complicated at first. But, don’t worry, we’re here to BT Leads explain how Keyword Gap works on other tools as well. At this point, it’s important to understand that keyword gap analysis aims to find keywords you’ve missed and assess their potential for your business. Screenshot of the Keyword Gap tool showing an overlay graph. Title: The Keyword Gap Tool shows how keywords overlap and what percentage of you are not getting traffic. Next, you’ll drill down to the keyword data that follows. What are the benefits of Keyword Gap Analysis? This method of analysis finds gaps in your strategy so you can close them. It lets you: Discover keyword opportunities you’ve missed. Optimize your content with other keywords to target. Generate new content ideas. Know who your audience is and how they search.

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