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February 27, 2023

You can analyze your competitors’ organic and paid traffic and gain insight into their traffic quality. PPC search leader. . Know where you stand Perform full internal benchmarking to understand your benchmarks, track your progress and see how you compare to your competition. It’s important to understand your eCommerce store’s engagement metrics and traffic share so you can attribute the impact of any changes you make. Pro tip Similarweb’s website performance tool gives you a complete view of your site’s metrics as well as your competitors’ metrics. You can analyze engagement metrics, traffic sources, and metrics related to different marketing channels.

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How to benchmark with Similarweb. . Find the best performing keywords To find your Mexico Phone Number List target keywords, we always recommend sticking to what you know your SEO strategy. Although your SEO keywords and PPC keywords may be different, they can and should inform each other. Think about the keywords that bring you organic traffic, imagine what they could do if you put a little money behind them, and it works. Once you have listed your top performing keywords, you should analyze them for organic and paid results. You should see which sites are targeting these keywords, their search volume, and the amount of traffic they are responsible for.

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Note that PCC and SEO keywords should inform each other, but should not BT Leads be the same. Pro tip Similarweb’s keyword analysis tool can help you identify your top performing keywords and analyze the competition for each. You’ll find out who gets traffic from each keyword, which ones are trending, and which ones are right for your PPC strategy. Keyword overview . Finding Long Tail Keywords Now that you know your top performing keywords, you need to develop a successful strategy around them. But you don’t want to bid high just for your popular keywords. This can result in extremely high CPCs and extremely low return on ad spend (ROAS. Instead, you want to find more targeted (and less expensive keywords that are related to your popular keywords and are likely to drive relevant traffic.

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