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February 26, 2023

Likewise, storytelling can greatly help people make sense of complex data—this is known as data storytelling. A great way to use data to support your storytelling is through visual elements like charts and infographics. Just be sure to follow the same rules above: Make sure the data you use is direct, concise, relevant, and relevant. To do this effectively, you ne the right market research and competitive analysis tools so your agency can find the data that matters. Best example: Wordle. When we dig into Similarweb’s data on popular online puzzles, we quickly see a success story eager to emerge. From month to year, the web application had more traffic than the previous three months, above.

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So when Wordle was bought by The New York Times for a seven-figure sum, we weren’t Iceland Phone Number List surpris by the happy ending. Similarweb can display real trending data. Storytelling Demo Examples Here are some example storytelling demos that work, so you can see these techniques in action. Example: Bill Gates’ We’re Not Ready T Talk Narrative Structure Type: Tragy In his famous T talk, Bill Gates outlin what would happen if a deadly viral pandemic swept the globe. After narrating a harrowing doomsday scenario, he lays out preventive measures that could help the world avoid future catastrophes. The conversation sent a clear message that action is ne to prevent future pandemics.

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Example: Budweiser Lost Dog Commercial Types of Storytelling Structure: Explore When this BT Leads  Budweiser ad premier at the Super Bowl in 2010, it made a strong impression with its emotional story. In the ad, a yellow Lab escapes from its owner’s truck and gets lost before encountering a Clydesdale horse nam “Buds.” The two team up to help the lab find its way home. Example: Nicole Bishop’s elevator pitch for Entrepreneur. Magazine Narrative Structure Type: Comy At first glance. Nicole Bishop’s story about her Lyme disease being misdiagnos as multiple sclerosis. It might not seem obvious that the story of the disease is a comy storyline.

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