Relations played a fundamental role

Relations play a fundamental role. Most historians believe that public relations began. In the unit states when the ne arose for large companies. To communicate with their audiences. To generate a positive image and to confront demonstrations. By the labor movement which complain of exploitation of workers in times of war. These companies sought to communicate. To improve their image and their relationship with their internal audiences. At the beginning of the th century magazines and news agencies began to be seen.

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It was in the year when the press services with international agencies began. To send communications to the mass mia. Key elements of public mobile app designs service relations – pr to build an advantageous (win-win) relationship between. Organizations and their audiences. Organizations a group of people who work towards a common objective company entrepreneurship government go. Any type of organization that requires a public relations and communication process. Publics the people or groups of people. Who interact with an organization. They are the recipients of the messages who you want. To reach and conquer with the messages to promote a product. Or service or to promote the brand and its initiatives.

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The buyer persona is the one I want to take my message to and it is essential to know who they are what they do how they do it what they like what content they like to read how they read it when where they read it. . Communication processes. It requires two parties or several parties that relate in various ways to establish exchange processes. In the communication process messages channels tools actors are establish sender and receiver among other key aspects Non-linear processes when communication and public relations happen spontaneously when a person BT Leads knows about a company or a product without the company having communicat. In these cases the risk is assum.

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