Real Use Cases

Autonomous systems: neuromorphic technology can. Be used for real-time decision making, motion planning.And control, and intelligence in self-driving cars, drones, and other autonomous systems.

Ition: neuromorphic systems are valuable in applications.Such as security systems, image search and retrieval systems, and. Speech-controlled devices because they are very effective in tasks such as object recognition, face recognition, and speech-to-te. .

S (iot): iot devices such as. Cameras, microphones, and sensors can analyze data locally using .Neuromorphic technology, eliminating the need to send. Large amounts of data to the cloud..

Internet of Thing

Healthcare: Neuromorphic systems purchase phone lists can be used to develop assistive technology such as prosthetic limbs and cognitive support, as well as medical imaging, diagnosis and therapy.

Finance: Real-time financial data analysis, fraudulent transaction detection, and investment options can all be done with neuromorphic technology.

Now, you got to know neuromorphic technology well, it’s time to talk about artificial intelligence and the difference & similarities between them.

Image and voice recogn

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Artificial intelligence, or AI, is the reproduction of human intelligence BT Leads in machines designed to reason and acquire knowledge in the same way as humans.

It involves developing computer systems capable of performing activities that normally require human intelligence, such as understanding speech, identifying images, quick decisions, and solving problems.

The technology that enables robots. To think and learn like humans is. Called artificial intelligence (ai).

It can be used to create computers and. Other machines capable of performing tasks that.Normally require a person, such as understanding.Speech, recognizing faces, and making judgments

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