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How much money traders make while working for the company. Analysts of the portal estimate that the average salary of traders exceeds rubles. On the website, the salaries of merchants in the state range from 10,000 rubles to around 10,000 rubles. Meanwhile, the most common range of salary proposals is ten thousand rubles. How much does a self-employed person earn? Assessing the income level of a trader who works for himself is quite difficult. Often, the income of such specialists is not guaranteed. One day a trader can earn more than ten thousand rubles and another day lose ten thousand rubles. What does a trader’s salary depend on.

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A trader’s income depends on the experience, skills and capital he is able to manage. Exchange Nepal Phone Number List trading strategies can also affect returns. Conservative strategies allow you to earn as much as your total capital amount per year, average risk level strategies as much as per year, and high risk strategies as much per year. Often, professional traders use several strategies at the same time. Pros and cons of being a trader When choosing a major, you need to clearly understand the difficulties you may encounter and evaluate your abilities realistically. In the table we analyze the pros and cons of the trade. Pros & Cons High earning potential For self-employed traders, there is no upper limit to earning.

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It all depends on experience, time and starting capital. Employers also highly BT Leads appreciate jobs for seasoned stock players. The ability to choose a convenient work form allows traders to work for a company or work for themselves. Trading on the exchange daily or several times per month. Diverse career prospects. In the trading business, there are no defined job levels or rungs on the career ladder. Traders can develop in their favorite industries and grasp the unstable asset prices in related fields are affected by many factors, and market conditions may change at any time.

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