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February 26, 2023

The question is what are your marketing goals and how will you achieve them? Once you understand the differences and similarities, you probably have a good idea of ​​what each can (or can’t do for your business. In order to optimize your marketing mix, you should evaluate each one individually. Consider your marketing goals and evaluate whether referral marketing supports them. Ask the same question about affiliate marketing. For referral marketing, the answer is relatively simple. If you have a reasonable number of repeat customers, you can further increase the number of purchases or the average purchase value.

Invite interesting guests

If you need to drive traffic and leads, referral marketing is unlikely to work. On the other Turkey Phone Number List hand, affiliate marketing has many variants that can support your marketing goals in different ways. For example, an affiliate marketing program that attracts bloggers or influencers can do more than drive traffic. Quality content helps build authority and credibility, and statistics show that nearly ​​of affiliate marketers generate traffic through their blogs. Affiliates can also do email marketing, PPC, SEO, and more. How to Find the Right Affiliate See what’s common in your industry. Some industries rely heavily on affiliates and you won’t find ads for the brands themselves (ie gaming and fintech. In ecommerce, affiliate marketing accounts for of global sales and is growing in popularity.

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Advertise with other podcasters

The industry uses coupon and deal sites, reviews, and influencers to promote BT Leads  their products. Price comparisons are the most common affiliate marketing activity in the UK. Screenshot of the Similarweb Competitor Affiliate feature. The competitor’s affiliates feature on Similarweb allows you to determine who your competitors are partnering with and how much traffic the affiliates are generating. Check what your competitors are doing and which marketing concepts work for them. Use the Similarweb affiliate research tool to find competitor affiliates. See who is sending them traffic and how much.

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