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March 7, 2023

You’ll learn techniques and means of artistic expression and learn to note references to different historical eras and styles in the work of graphic, interior, landscape and fashion designers. You’ll find videos and webinars, assignments with verification, and access to an archive of design webinars. At the end of the course, a professional development certificate will be awarde by the school. How to Understand Architecture Lessons In this lecture, you will learn to appreciate the beauty of the buildings around you, and walking around the city will gain new meaning. You’ll learn how architecture originate in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, and how ancient temples influence the further development of architectural styles.

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You’ll study architectural features of different centuries and countries. And be able New Zealand Phone Numbers List to easily distinguish. Baroque from Eclectic, Modern from Avant-Garde. You’ll watch lessons, practice observations in the simulator, and chat with classmates Lessons Your Own Drawing Lessons Drawing will help bring inspiration and creativity to life. exist In this one-minute video tutorial, you’ll master simple applie drawing techniques and learn how to transfer any thoughts and ideas to paper. You’ll start writing a creative journal and find new hobbies, even if you don’t know anything about academic drawing Fashion and Design It’s human nature to seek beauty and decorate yourself and the space around you with beautiful things. Let’s take a look at how fashion and design has evolve over time.

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History lessons of legendary fashion houses In this webinar. You will learn about BT Leads the history of brands such as etc. Who are the founders of these fashion houses, and the problems and difficulties face by their managers in different periods. You’ll learn how brands have gaine global recognition and why they’ve been popular and set. Trends in the fashion market for over a century Discover beauty. You’ll learn how designers strike a balance between aesthetics and convenience, and how historical events. Environmental issues and the achievements of modern technology are reflecte in the design of objects and interiors.

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