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It’s hard to find the balance between beautiful, delicate, cutouts and dependable, comfortable, authentic. And if the product is not created by yourself, explain all the subtleties of the design to the jewelry master. Sometimes you will have to make technical compromises because during the manufacturing process, there is a good chance that everything can go wrong. Do I have to be good at drawing to become a jewelry designer? Shania replied I believe if you want to be a unique jewelry designer and have fun doing it then you can. You need at least basic drawing skills, it doesn’t matter if it’s on paper or a tablet.

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There is absolutely no need to master this art there are plenty of courses and video Philippines Phone Number List tutorials out there. Modeling knowledge is a separate bonus for Designer Karma. Do designers need to complete jewelry courses and learn how to make jewelry? Shania replied that it is necessary to understand stone and metal and their properties, hardness and plasticity. Without this knowledge, you can imagine that the metal thickness is too thin and the place becomes brittle. Or, quite the opposite, without counting, making thick cast walls for stone, which can cause major problems when inlaid.

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I’m more likely to hire someone who knows how to do it the way he’s drawn, or BT Leads at least has a clear idea of ​​the manufacturing process, than someone who just draws me unthought-out and technical stuff. And, I suspect, many employers think so. How do beginners find their first customers? Shania replied to my suggestion Be yourself, be unique! Don’t be afraid to write to your favorite brands and offer your services, don’t be afraid to drive to them and present your portfolio. Just don’t be afraid and do it, everything will work out. Rolling stones don’t grow moss. Finding the time and money for a course can be difficult, but postponing your training until better times is not an option either.

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