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March 7, 2023

Hide article content what is visual storytelling how to build a visual story where to learn visual storytelling summary what is visual storytelling in classic storytelling a story is told through written or oral storytelling. Visual storytelling is a way of conveying information to an audience with the help of graphics. The main role here is not the text, but the pictures that clearly reflect the text. Visual stories take different static and dynamic forms: advertising posters, series of photos, collages, illustrations, animations, comic books, videos, infographics, augmente reality, etc. In conclusion, any carrier of graphic information can become a conduit for your story.

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This type of storytelling can be use in any stage and channel of communication with Dominican Republic Phone Number List consumers: websites, email newsletters, social networks, product packaging, outdoor advertising, etc. Be oriente by the interests of your target audience and remember: the more channels you use, the more effective your marketing tool will be. Examples of Visual Storytelling To understand how the visual storytelling approach works in practice, let’s look at a few examples from the lives of famous brands. Example Let’s run a video on our channel about working from home: This mini-story has a hero and a clear storyline where a team solves a work problem remotely. Meanwhile, Apple devices are briefly shown in the footage.

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Tablets, laptops, smartwatches, bluetooth headphones. All of which are actively BT Leads use by the characters in the course of their work. Release during the pandemic in 2019, the video has amasse more than 10,000 views. The company cleverly uses Agenda to advertise its products through visual storytelling. Example The furniture company IKEA implements the concept of visual storytelling in their stores. Where the visitor is the protagonist of the story and. The merchandise has been engrave into the interior of the room and mimics life. But the brand didn’t stop there, using other channels to communicate visually with consumers.

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