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The font size you set as you type in or documents is the size The font size you set as you type in or documents is the size Kerning is the space between adjacent characters symbols, letters, or numbers. The typeface is a hand-drawn combination of typefaces, not base on a finishe typeface. Unlike calligraphy, in lettering, letters and numbers are drawn rather than written. You can learn the art of drawing typography in the course. In the aggregator you will find lettering lessons for beginners. A ligature is a combination of two or more typographical characters, often use to create an original logo. Ligature example Logo for  etc.

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A monogram is a logo forme from the first letters of a brand name or initial letter. Tracking is Egypt Phone Number List the space between words, which is much larger than the spacing between letters in a word. Spaces should be the same within the same line, and adjacent lines should be similar in size, so that the text is easier to read. System Font The primary font use by default by the operating system of a mobile device or computer. In typography and design, this is a typeface that mimics handwriting. Script typeface looks like it was create with handwriting tools pens, paintbrushes and pencils for creating business cards, website layouts, print ads. Examples of script fonts in modern computer programs  etc.

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Typography Typography is the look and feel of printe words. Typography BT Leads is involve in all texts printe on paper. And other physical meia billboards, business cards, brochures, books, whether it is a few letters or a few chapters. It is important for a designer to understand the basic tools of typography, otherwise, he will not be able to create print ads. You can learn Typography Kerning is the spacing between letters, words, and paragraphs in text in one of our courses in this overview of online typography courses for experience and novice designers alike.

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