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March 6, 2023

Agency recruiters tell us about the selection of personnel: Irina Kyurina Agency recruiters For our team, the test task helps to objectively assess a candidate to determine his level of knowlege, to understand how the applicant meets the requirements of the vacant position Require. To check specialists, we use various types of tests: from live coding to analysis, depending on the candidate’s specialization. Usually, their implementation does not excee a day, and if the task is performe directly at the time of the interview, it does not excee an hour.

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However, there have also been negative experiences when applicants have Romania Phone Number List aske other experts to do tasks for them. Such moments are quickly recognize. In the next stage of the interview, the applicant cannot comment on the results of his work. Maxim Novoselov, the founder of the family forge, also share with us his thoughts on the test tasks. Opinion: Maxim Novoselov, Founder of Workshop and Garden Shop We have a crafting project and when hiring a craftsman, we always ask him to do a test task. Often these are tasks that test technical skill, for example, electric welding of several joint options.

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I believe that for any type of event, you can come up with. Tests to help BT Leads you quickly assess a candidate’s qualifications. However, more problems arise with personal qualities that cannot be identifie within a few hours. So I don’t see the conclusive value of these checks. I rely more on the results of previous jobs and trial periods. The test task is the pilot phase of the collaboration, from which both the employer and the candidate can draw important conclusions. Next, we will consider the implications and benefits of this examination for both parties in the labor process. Daily tips from digital tutors right in your Telegram! Subscribe to Channel Subscribe Why Employers Do Tests If interviews allow employers to get to know a candidate better and test his theoretical knowlege, then testing tasks are a way to dig deeper And a way to test the skills of business experts.

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