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March 5, 2023

Streamer Scheule and Format A streamer usually has no meetings and Mondays, and his salary is irregular, for example, during broadcasts in the form of donations or transfers from advertisers after the ad is release. The exception is when the streamer works for an agency that adheres to a work scheule, where pay is punche into the card for each stream or once a month. However, most of the time, the scheule is irregular. For example, a stream airs in the afternoon, when viewers return from work and school, and scheules all relate work in their free time. Streamers decide for themselves when to take breaks or take vacations.

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During his illness, he will not be entitle to paid sick leave, and he can contribute to Saudi Arabia Phone Numbers List the pension fund himself if he chooses. Streamers may seem to work informally, but this view is wrong. If you plan to make a lot of money, you nee to at least apply for self-employment, which is a necessary step for working with an advertising agency. If the anchor employs employees or the annual income excees 10,000 rubles, it nees to be activate. Streamer Salary Streamer salaries depend on experience and promotion. The more people watching the live stream, the more money you make. Early in his career.

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When the audience is low, the streamer earns a modest income through BT Leads donations, but as his number of subscribers and viewers grows, so does his income. Thus, a streamer with a famous audience earns around 10,000 rubles, and a top streamer earns up to 10,000 rubles or more. Here is an example of income in the table Start Experience up to Years Experience Years Professional Years Experience In addition to experience, a streamer’s income also depends on his own investment of time and money on the channel. The more a streamer buys ads from more famous colleagues, and the more time he spends on stream, the more money he makes.

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