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March 5, 2023

From the Streaming Blogger course you will learn how to develop scripts, design streams creatively, install videos, behave naturally in the frame, and play in different formats. You’ll create and monetize a channel, learn how to promote your videos on Facebook, and get rid of your fear of the camera. You’ll learn how to be articulate, entertaining, and open-minded with your audience during a live broadcast Speak correctly and improvise. you willLearn how to co-stream with a streamer and monetize your channel online Duration Monthly Cost A range of online streaming courses will help you choose the right career path How and where you can gradually dive deeper into streaming.

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Here’s a rough step-by-step plan. step. Introduction to streaming. Create a channel Switzerland Phone Numbers List and devote no more than an hour each week on evenings and weekends. Try distribution and go live for the first time. Maybe just mom and best friends will be on the stream as viewers, but that’s not the main thing at first. It’s about getting a feel for the format and understanding how it fits you. The second step is channel promotion. You can buy ads from more established streamers and get your first real viewers on your stream. At the same time, it’s important to stream regularly, don’t focus on viewership numbers for now, just do your due diligence and that number will gradually grow.

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The third step is the first donation. Don’t forget to invite viewers to donate BT Leads during your livestream and include a card number or link to a donation service in the comments. Most likely, the first transfer will be small, but that’s already a small victory. step. Channel monetization. Over time, the number of people who donate money will increase, and the number of viewers will also increase. One day you can shoot an advertisement to introduce a product, service or company to the audience to make money. The number of donations will increase as the audience grows. The more audiences, the more translations.

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