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March 9, 2023

The pandemic, and knowing its history can help you discover growth opportunities whether you want to start a business or have a business that you want to grow. The idea of ​​selling Puffs came to Sarah Lapa, its creator, in 2020. She started from a need that she discovered when she moved, and she thought that many people could also be going through the same thing: buying furniture can be very expensive. The perfect solution, both for her and for her future clients, was in the puffs, since they are an economical, comfortable and easy-to-carry alternative. In addition, she had already more or less defined what her buyer persona was , she just had to find the right suppliers to start selling.

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This is how Puff Lima started, at least in the most basic aspects, because after starting, Sarah Malta Phone Number List had to face the problems that any business that is just starting out can have. The store did not have an inventory management system, so stock management and Internet sales management were not so easy. This is where TiendaDA comes into play, a platform that not only allowed them to improve inventory and warehouse control, but also gave them tools to improve the user experience and to facilitate the sales process. Regarding the inventory management system, this is what Sarah thinks: “ I recommend TiendaDA, because it helped me a lot to streamline processes that for me were too manual.

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As you can see, the importance of these tools is that they allow you to automate a large part BT Leads of the operational processes of a business, and that attention can be devoted to other aspects such as the development of new ideas. What has allowed this online store to grow so much? If you read the previous section carefully, surely you could see what are the factors that have allowed Puff Lima to be a successful business. However, we believe that it is worth delving into them, since you can take Sarah Lapa’s experience as an example to start or increase the profitability of your business.

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