SME Marketing Lessons for Market Giants

October 7, 2023

Since we were children we admired the “greats.” We imitate them; his way of speaking. His gestures, his way of facing problems and relating to the world. His constant concern. And today we are here to talk about marketing for large companies. The same thing happens in the business world in which we develop our Marketing strategies . Small businesses study large companies to understand how they succeeded, what paths they took. What strategies worked (and which failed), and to imitate the good and avoid the bad.

The challenges of large companies

Every entrepreneur wants to see their email contact list business grow. Some want to be the success story of their city, others want to conquer the national market, and even the most ambitious dream of becoming multinationals. Expectations may vary, but the dream of those who open a business is always to grow ! And achieving it is not so easy, since growing means increasing sales, having more customers, opening new units. And all this, while a sign of success, also generates new crises. There is no evolution without obstacles, doubts and transcendental decisions.

Creativity vs Leadership

It happens at the beginning, when the BT Leads entrepreneur creates his product and market. At this stage, communication among the team is informal and salaries are modest, although the dedication is enormous. It is when the company already has leadership that guides the business. The organizational structure and internal communication are formalized, with the definition of processes and controls. Growth now happens through delegation. The company decentralizes management and distributes responsibilities, tasks and roles in a hierarchical structure.

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