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The average salary of a coach is rubles, plus bonuses. The cost of an hour for a freelance coach starts from rubles, but he himself decides the cost of the service. The Pros and Cons of Being a Coach Like any other profession, coaching has its pros and cons. Collect them in one table Pros Cons Career Prestige Coaches are generally well known in the business world and their services are popular with the public Constant self-development To help clients achieve their goals Coaches themselves learn a lot and develop both personally and professionally Great career opportunities to develop on Grow your personal brand and become a nationally known coach with diverse assignments You will never get bored as the coach talks a lot with people at coaching conferences, attends conferences, conducts seminars, etc.

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Earnings may not be high at first Coaches work for the reputation, so Hungary Phone Number List he recommends reviews or a small fee Work hours are irregular Coaches’ schedules depend on the abilities of their clients, who are usually busy during the day as well. For this reason, coaches often conduct training in the evenings or on weekends. The knowledge and skills needed to become a coach In order for clients to achieve goals and develop, coaches need to know and be able to do many things Understanding the intricacies of human behavior is important for coaches to understand why clients behave in a certain way and how to correct poor behavior; understand the basics of psychology.

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Without this it is impossible to understand the cause of a client’s BT Leads problem, which means it is less likely to achieve the goal Mastering Time Management Skills A coach needs to understand the basics of time management in order to properly explain the intricacies of each skill to the client; have active listening skills During the course it is important for the coach to express his interest to the client by clarifying questions, facial expressions, gestures, etc.

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