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February 25, 2023

Build your test Now that you have two pages for A/B testing, you must build your test. This includes determining how you will split each page your site visitors see, sample size, testing period, and statistical thresholds. There are many tools you can use to set up your tests, depending on how you’ve structured your website. You should know how many website visitors regularly visit your control page, so if you split it in half, you will know how many website visitors will see each different version of the page. Armed with this knowledge, you can decide how long to run the test based on how many people want to see each page. For example, suppose an average of people visit your landing page each day.

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Divided in half, this means that people per day will see each of your two pages Canada Phone Number List during the test period. If you want people to see each page, your test should take days. Statistical significance The next part requires a little math. You need to decide how important your results should be. If one page has a conversion rate of and a second page has a conversion rate of , things will be much easier. Your tests will reveal a very clear winner. But most likely, your test results won’t be much different, especially when testing small variables like fonts or CTAs. More likely, you might see a conversion rate of on one page and on another. How do you know if it’s significant or just accidental? To understand statistical significance, you must calculate the standard deviation and p-value of the data.

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Feeling lost? You can use website A/B testing tools such as A/B Testing Guide A/B Testing BT Leads Calculator When you are choosing which pages to test, be sure to choose pages or content that get a lot of traffic to get accurate results that are statistically significant Significance means that the results of the test-generated data are likely to be caused by the experiment rather than by chance. The measurement and analysis results are in! After the test, you need to analyze the results. You can use tools like Google Analytics to get metrics for different pages to determine the winner. If your site is running on WordPress, tools like the Altis A/B testing block open up a world of possibilities, allowing you to automatically run multiple variations of a single piece of content for different audiences. Example of A/B testing on Altis.

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