How to do good Keyword Research

Drag across the rest How to of the cells to copy the formula Order them from largest to smallest according to the number of words excel keyword research What have we achieved with this? A list of long tails from which we are going to take the titles of the first posts that we will include on our website. The greater the number of words, the easier that keyword is to position. At least in theory. But, be careful, this is not just about sticking with the keywords that have the highest search volume. We must look for the appropriate long tail keywords to attract traffic to our website.

Ways to do keyword research How to step by step

That is, what we are going to do is take category email list the long tail keywords that interest us to another excel where we will place all those keywords that are interesting to us. Each keyword will go in a different column. Well, let’s imagine that we have chosen “Norwegian forest cats”, “cats in Egypt” and “cat breeds” as titles of the first three posts that we will publish on the web. They correspond to the first 3 keywords in our Excel already ordered by number of words. long tail keywords The next step is to find the keywords that need to be included in each of those posts.

Keyword research basic

To do this, we must repeat the previous BT Leads step, only this time we are going to extract the keywords from each long tail that we have chosen to know which ones we have to include in the content. I’m going to enter “Norwegian forest cats” into DinoRANK to see what keywords it offers me for my post: kw dinorank Now I have found a few long tail keywords to include in my post so that the content ranks. To be able to refine it even further, you would have to do a quick search in the SERPs to see what Google is ranking and know what the specific search intent is for this keyword and how the competition is working on it. Let’s look at another example: “cat breeds”.

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