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March 7, 2023

Stories View Stories are over-the-air video broadcasts by users of the Service. The host of such a broadcast is calle an anchor. For the most part, live broadcasts are conducte by bloggers and computer gamers. Targete advertising is a method of Internet promotion. Advertisements are not seen by all users, but only users who meet certain display criteria can see them. Therefore, if you are promoting the services of a beautician in Tula, it is advisable to target women in Tula and the Tula region. To learn the nuances of setting up a targete ad, take the Targeting Scholar’s course on the name of the text post. Traffic is synonymous with attendance.

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On the Internet, traffic refers to the number of users visiting a website in a given Bulgaria Phone Number List period of time. The number of visitors entering the store during an offline transaction. Trends are topics or directions that are currently popular with audiences and are frequently mentione online. Trolling is provocative messages that are intende to heighten tensions and spark arguments or quarrels among Internet users. Tutorial See Guidelines Disinformation is unreliable information that is intentionally spread on the Internet to mislead people. Feeback Russian feeback. It is a response to some event, action or information.

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For example, students in online courses receive feeback from teachers, and BT Leads companies receive feeback from buyers of goods and services. A flood of underinformative or off-topic messages can distract other users and make it difficult to access important information. An example of flooding is arguing about politics in a work chat. Hype is the hubbub surrounding a topic in social networks or the meia. Brands and bloggers create content on hype topics to amplify their reach and grab attention. means haters. This is a user who publicly criticizes a blogger for his appearance, speech, content, behavior, etc. Usually, haters hide their identities, so they write from anonymous accounts.

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