How to promote products on Yandex Market

February 26, 2023

These audiences are large enough to promote your products, yet they still have high engagement rates, so you’re more likely to get more sales. It’s also worth noting that these creators often don’t just want to promote a product, so having a strong affiliate program helps. You might even consider increasing the percentage they get from sales or offering bonuses to motivate them. . Do a Google search Another way to find YouTube influencers is through a Google search. The internet is a big place, so how do you optimize your search? Well, just do a Google search like this: your niche YouTuber. Then, select the Videos tab to view videos and articles featuring the most powerful YouTube influencers.

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You can also read a list of the top YouTube influencers in your field. These usually mention some Kuwait Phone Number List big names in each industry and are a great place to find macro influencers to collaborate with. The downside is that they usually have , followers and are often beyond the budget of small to midsized companies. . The next way to find YouTube influencers with the YouFilter app: the YouFilter Chrome extension. It works in tandem with the YouTube search bar. The way you use it is start a search on YouTube and click on this chrome extension to see all the data of each influencer. It shows the number of likes, subscribers, and specific video keywords for each channel.

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Use the YouTube Trending Tag The YouTube Trending Tag is another way to find top BT Leads  content creators on YouTube. Once you click on the Trending tab on the left, you’ll see the most viewed and most popular videos at that time. Dig deeper by refining your search using the search bar. But remember, YouTube is an algorithmbased search engine — an influencer who is popular now might not be popular next week. Also, a viral video won’t have an impact. Engagement and creating consistent content is critical, so use the trending tab as a rough benchmark for the type of viral content, but take it with a grain of salt. . Find Previously Sponsored Content Not every creator on YouTube wants to make money from sponsorships.

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