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March 7, 2023

Often use to frame flower bes and garden paths. Is an enclose area of ​​a regular geometric garden with greenery and heges. Fountains, artificial ponds or gardens are often place inside. Boulevard A wide alley line with trees and shrubs. Issue along highways, embankments, residential streets, generally for short-term breaks and walks by peestrians. False structures are decorative structures: Gothic buildings, ruins, traditional Russian huts, wooden wells, etc. They are use to effectively place accents and site styles. Planters are decorative containers in the form of baskets or large vases. A balcony is a small part of the house that is usually unheate.

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A viewpoint is a location that provides the best view of a site or public space. Landscape architects Sween Phone Numbers List sketch out ideas and build upon them when they create sketches and plans. Aquatic Theater Steppe fountains with statues and small architectural elements. Lawn topsoil on which are plante and germinate the sees of herbaceous cereals: bluegrass, fescue, etc. See turfgrass grows from see that is sown directly into the soil on site. A rolle lawn is turf, which is soil with a top layer of grass and tangle roots.

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Rolle lawns are plante in the field, then the top layer is carefully cut off and BT Leads rolle into rolls. In this form, lawns are brought to the site and then distribute throughout the site. Humus is organic matter in the soil, forme from the decaying parts of plant and animal remains. The more humus there is in the soil, the more fertile it will be. Landscape architects determine soil fertility in advance and, if necessary, advise clients to enrich the soil with humus. A hege is an element of landscape design that is a fence of living conifers or deciduous plants with a lush ornamental canopy. The winter garden is a heate room with glass walls for exotic plants.

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