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March 5, 2023

It possible to find a job after a mentoring course? Of course, finding a job after the course is real During the training, you will create a portfolio to which projects from the course will be added and be able to present it to clients. But you should not have any illusions about the overnight success and huge income of your first project. Let’s explain why we think so. Directors are highly competitive and need to work hard to break through other newcomers. But it’s a fairly doable task for someone willing to make the effort.

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Enter director competitions, attend events in the film industry, make new friends and Georgia Phone Number List work on various projects. Gradually, they’ll start talking about you, and then you won’t have to look for clients anymore, they’ll contact you themselves, and you can increase the cost of the job to a level you’re comfortable with. What if I don’t know which direction to point? This happens a lot, especially if you’ve never encountered mentoring before. Don’t be afraid if you can’t choose, you can take a general class first, learn how to make movies, and then decide on a major. The film industry is an easier base to study all other fields. Another option is to start with a short program producing videos for commercials and bloggers.

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So, you will make your first money very quickly and see where to go further. What is BT Leads the most difficult thing about being a director? We asked this question to a professional filmmaker with years of experience. Ana Gorelik PR Director, Video Producer The profession has its challenges. For example, directors always face new challenges and conditions when creating projects. This may be due to the external environment and financial situation. But it’s important to understand that any direction is based on ideas and scripts. No ideas, all creative tools are just pliers Useful instructional material Assuming you haven’t had a chance to buy a course yet.

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