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February 25, 2023

Similarweb offers a customizable competition tracker to help you evaluate your competition. Screenshot of Similarweb Competitive Tracker notifications from Competitive Tracker’s email notifications. How to do a competitive analysis for your pitch A competitive analysis should focus on four areas of competition: panies: Who are you competing with? Gather information on company size, location, business information, and more. Identify the most similar businesses and whether related products or solutions are their core business. Look at the companies with the most loyal audiences and the most stability. This helps you identify competitors that pose threats that you need to address in your strategic planning. .Customers: What is the target audience for these businesses.

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Research demographics, preferences and characteristics and compare them to Spain Phone Numbers List your target audience. This allows you to identify competitors with whom you need to attract or share your audience. Decide how you’re going to do it. . Products and Pricing: What is the product mix and price range? Collect product-related data such as features, quality, pricing structure, and offers. Check how these develop over time. This helps to relativize the threat from a particular competitor. You can reduce the number of competitors according to the price level. .Marketing: How does the competitor market? Analyze strategic approaches, SEO tools, marketing channels and campaigns. This helps you develop your own marketing strategy by optimizing what works for them and taking advantage of other possibilities.

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Analyzing the competition in these four areas can give you the insights you need to BT Leads present on your pitch deck. Further Reading: How to Conduct a Competitive Analysis with Conclusive Results [+Templates] Get Started with Your Customizable Templates First Name Work Email – Company Name Company Website SimilarWeb may send you information about our products and services. For more information, please review our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Already have an account? Login How to Present Competitive Analysis on Your Pitch Deck Most presenters use some kind of competition matrix to map out the competitive landscape on the pitch deck. Different matrices enable you to visualize different aspects of competition. Gartner’s Magic Quadrant is a popular technique for presenting market maps.

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