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March 7, 2023

You can always start small with free training and improve your physical and mental health yourself. Here’s what you can watch right now Coping with Anxiety and Anxiety A practicing psychologist will help you understand what anxiety is, what causes anxiety disorders are, and most importantly, how to curb your anxiety and fears and start taking action, despite the psychological There is resistance. In total, the program consists of short video lectures with practical tasks; Health and Nutrition Academy sessions You will learn about myths and misconceptions about nutrition and learn how to formulate the right diet for the whole family.

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The site offers courses, each with lectures, video lectures and text. Support Hong Kong Phone Numbers List projects are being implemente; Psychology of Communication with. Open eucation You will learn the principles of communication. Between people and learn how to communicate in personal and business relationships Create a constructive dialogue. Written by the Higher School of Economics, the course is designe to be week-long; Mindfulness Practices from a short course from a working psychologist and coach on how to train mindfulness, learn to focus in the present moment, and mobilize resources to solve current problems; yoga lessons from the A great channel with yoga classes for stretching and working out different muscle groups.

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There are practice questions for beginners and more difficult. Practice BT Leads questions for those who practice for a long time. Book popular science literature on health, nutrition, and relationships complements and expands the information in the video lessons. We recommend the following books on how to start a healthy life by Zozhnik’s book. Sports, Nutrition, and Common Sense, and, A Scientific Look at. The Principles of a Healthy Lifestyle This book will help you understand. How much you nee to train and how to get the menu right to stay in shape; change your eating habits! Let’s lose weight together, An evidence-base doctor talks dietetics in language the layman can understand.

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