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October 8, 2023

Dmarc records and bimi adoption the good news is, it looks like bimi and dmarc are catching on. Recent findings on dmarc adoption show that its up 84% over last year. Still, that doesnt necessarily mean dmarc is being enforc. The site also shows nearly two-thirds 65% of domains were still using a p=none policy in 2021. Bar chart showing dmarc adoption between 2016 and 2021. The website bimiradar. Org a service of r sift tracks bimi readiness across more than 65-million domains. It shows that only about 2.15% of those domains have an appropriate dmarc enforcement policy and a mere fraction have a vmc, which is ne for bimi in gmail. Which mailbox providers support bimi?

Your Emails Responsive

Many of the most popular email clients support bimi and others are planning on it: gmail yahoo mail aol fastmail apple mail coming soon youll notice that microsoft outlook and hotmail are not list above. No word on when or if bimi support is b2b email list coming to those mailbox providers. But logos in inboxes could certainly be beneficial for all the b2b emails going to outlook. Verizon mia group was an early adopter of the bimi email specification, which means it is support in aol and yahoo mail inboxes. The paid australian mailbox provider fastmail has also support bimi for a while now.

However You Normally Add

Then, in 2021, bimi got a boost when google announc that gmail was moving out of a pilot program to fully support this method of displaying inbox logos. Since gmail addresses make up a large portion of most contact lists, that made bimi an attractive idea for a lot more brands. Of course, gmail also BT Leads threw the vmc requirement into the mix. That means brands ne to make sure their logo is copyright not as common as you might assume and verifi by an approv third party. The latest news is that apple mail will introduce bimi support when its newest operating systems are releas in the fall.

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