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February 27, 2023

You can find out more about the jobs and earnings of graphic designers in the detailed article Salary of graphic designers in Russia, USA and South Korea. Web Design. Website design, more precisely, is all the web pages you visit, the emails you receive, and everything you come across on the Internet. The task of web designers is to make this not only beautiful, but also convenient. Mobile application design. It is an industry related to web design, only in web design, experts develop the design of the websites that we open in the browser, and in mobile app design, as the name suggests, it is app design. User experience user interface design.

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An industry closely related to web and mobile application design. UX literally Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List means user experience, user interface user interface. The designer’s task is to create an intuitive interface for a site or application after analyzing the user’s behavior (experience). This industry combines analysis and creativity and also requires understanding the psychology of the user in order to predict his behavior and add, for example, right clicks, useful forms to fill or notifications. Motion design. This is an animation-related job. Animators create animated graphics for video games, films, commercials, presentations, websites, and mobile applications.

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The commercial director 

The special thing is that such an animation should bring some extra BT Leads meaning, for example, showing that the website is loading. game design. Develop the rules and content of video games. Game designers can come up with almost everything in a game, from the plot to the background of various locations. This specialist works with game developers to create games. In fact, there are more types of design, such as fashion design, craft design, jewelry design and so on. But what the labor market needs most are specialists in the eight listed fields. Once you’ve chosen the type of design you’re interested in, it’s time to start learning. We’ve selected the best courses in each area and a general course for those who want it all at the same time.

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