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February 25, 2023

Manual keyword research on Amazon. . Optimizing Product Titles Amazon SEO is all about optimizing your listing on Amazon, starting with your title. Now that you have keywords, it’s time to use them. Your product title is the most important part of your page. This is the first thing people see and it should include your popular keywords. Depending on your category, your title can contain up to – characters. The recommended length is characters to display the title on mobile devices. Use as many characters as possible, but make sure the title makes sense. The general format for a title is [Brand [Product [Main Features Mode or Size Color.

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With this format, the most important information comes first. People will see it even if part of Bahamas Phone Number List the text is truncated due to the device they are using. You have little control over many factors that can affect your CTR, so don’t waste any space in your headlines. This is one of the only aspects you can control. Make the most of this space! How to best format your title on Amazon to increase your visibility and conversions. .Display High-Quality Images Your images are another element that can really grab attention before you click. They will also see your default product image. We know that a picture is worth more than words.

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A good picture speaks volumes about your professionalism, credibility and product BT Leads quality. It also causes clicks. Once someone lands on your listing, high-quality images become even more important. People want to take a closer look at products, especially since buying online doesn’t allow them to touch the product, and returns are more of a hassle. Amazon allows people to zoom in on images, which means you can only use high resolution images. . What kind of images should you use? First, people like to see products from different angles. Make sure to photograph every corner. You also want to make sure you use good lighting and a clean white background. Amazon Product Image Best Practices.

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