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February 28, 2023

Choose the Right Product While you definitely want to choose products that you believe in and are relevant to your niche, it’s also important to do some math. Most successful affiliate marketers know that products cannot be selected based solely on high commission rates. Instead, you need to consider choosing products with decent commissions and high conversion rates. For example, if you choose a program that pays dollars per purchase but has a conversion rate of only 1, you will need a lot of clicks to make money.

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On the other hand, a program that pays dollars per conversion and has a Belgium Phone Number List conversion rate of $$ is more likely to bring you a steady stream of income. If you combine this with a consistent strategy for growing your business, you’ll set yourself up for great long-term income. That’s what we all want to see, right? Focusing on quality over quantity can easily fall prey to so-called vanity metrics. This can happen, for example, when you focus on the number of leads (or clicks) you get without considering whether they are actually converting. While it might feel good to see you have a lot of traffic, remember that brands only pay affiliates based on the percentage of traffic that actually converts into sales.

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To find the audience most likely to convert, start following communities BT Leads and platforms where people with similar interests are most likely to spend time. Once you find your target audience, listen to what they are saying. What problem do they have, what problem are they trying to solve? By taking the time to get to the bottom of their thinking, you’ll quickly figure out how to provide real value to them. Then, reply to their posts with thoughtful answers and point them to affiliate links that can help them achieve their goals. Instead of pitching a product, use something like I had the same problem and this worked for me! and so on to have a conversation.

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