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The decor is done in bright nautical colours, creating the ambiance of a sun-drenche coastline. Futurism is a style of science fiction in which a great deal of attention is paid to the interior of technological equipment houses that are actually packe with modern technology. The decoration is often simple and without any finishing materials: plastic, concrete, wood, glass, metal, etc. There are no curtains on the windows, just blinds, black and white paintings and a plethora of modern appliances. wall. The direction of high technology appeare in the last century. Its main feature is the practicality and relevance of every detail.

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The rooms are fille with modern technology: smart home systems, large TVs, built-in Belarus Phone Number List ovens, refrigerators that look like regular closets, and more. Eclecticism is a hodgepodge of interior styles. Retro furniture is paire with futuristic décor, parquet floors, brick floors on the walls and crystal chandeliers on the ceiling. However, there is still a unifying factor in the eclecticism, such as the color scheme. To conclude our dictionary will be an assistant for everyone who is already working or planning to become an interior designer. Through the detaile study of each semester, you will be able to freely read books in the field of interior design and master complex professional courses. Well, if you want to immerse yourself even more in the world of interior design, read the articles on the blog. Here are some articles on the topic.

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