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February 25, 2023

Here’s a gap analysis of the keywords you know and use well, pretty much. You can now see how websites rank for keywords, how much traffic they generate, and which websites are visited. A flowchart of how to identify keywords you’re missing That’s the easy part – just kidding, the rest is easy too. The Keyword Gap tool can help you develop your SEO strategy, manage your PPC spend, and conduct competitive research and analysis. Use Keyword Gap Analysis to Build Your SEO Strategy To create an example, let’s say you have a website that sells swimwear, such as swimwear. Summer is upon us; your most lucrative time of the year has begun – and it’s time for summer sales.

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When selling online, you’re competing with the biggest e-commerce sites and Dubai Mobile Number List retailers, so you want to make sure your SEO strategy doesn’t miss any of the keywords the big sites are targeting. Keyword Overlap for Top Ecommerce Sites In the Keyword Gap view, you’re likely to see a ton of irrelevant keywords because these giants offer everything from headphones to disposable tableware and beach supplies. There are several ways to narrow down your options and focus your keyword gap analysis to make it effective. Organic or Paid? Since you’re doing this for SEO planning, you’ll probably only want to look at organic traffic, leaving paid search to your PPC manager – we’ll get to that later.

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Global or specific region? You can only see searches from the target country BT Leads instead of searches worldwide. Audiences in different locations have preferences for how to search and which sites to buy from. For example, asoscom has the highest percentage of traffic from swimwear related keyword listings in the UK, while in the US the number one traffic recipient is targetcom. Desktop or mobile? Another variation is desktop traffic vs. mobile traffic. Interestingly, the top traffic receiving sites for UK mobile traffic are UK companies, but this is not the case for desktop search.

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