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Using the Competitor Affiliates feature in Similarweb, you can see which competitors are getting traffic from your affiliates and who is getting more traffic than you. Now you can confront the affiliate and find out why. Maybe you need to update some criteria so that you become their preferred traffic receiver. Competitor Affiliates screenshot with traffic share Note the color bar. Each color represents a different site the affiliate marketer is sending traffic to, so you can see at a glance who gets more, less or nothing.

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Tip Constantly tweak and optimize your affiliate marketing strategy. Why are you South Africa Phone Number List doing this? The web is dynamic and so is affiliate marketing. Competition is always on your neck trying to outdo you and affiliates will work with whoever offers the best pay. Additionally, online trends and seasons influence search and purchase behavior. You cannot rely on a onetime assessment and will need to reevaluate your initial choices. Some form of affiliate marketing that is not possible today may become relevant tomorrow, and a certain company that is huge today may become irrelevant tomorrow. how can you do this After you identify potential affiliates, track and monitor their metrics. With Similarweb, you can create affiliate lists and keep tabs on their performance over time.

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You can also use the tracker feature to send periodic notifications to your email. View affiliate BT Leads  stats sidebyside to compare and see who’s winning and losing and how the metrics are doing. This allows you to spot growing or declining affiliates and identify industry trends. Screenshot of Market Quadrant for Affiliate Listing on Similarweb This is a competitive view showing the market position of different affiliates in a customized listing. Tip Consider search intent in keyword research. Why should I do this? SEO accounts for the largest share of affiliate website traffic sources at.

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