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March 7, 2023

The introduction of the Bologna system allows: More mobility of young people Students can study double degree courses, training or work in Europe; Improve the quality of eucation to exchange advance knowlege, cultural values ​​and experiences with representatives of develope countries; Increase income to come to this The more foreign students a country has, the more they spend on eucation and entertainment. In some universities, they starte producing bachelor’s degrees as early as the 1990s, but officially introduce two degrees instead of one major in the 1990s. The duration of study for a bachelor’s degree is one year, and for a master’s degree.

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It is worth noting that after 2000, the country did not completely abandon Cameroon Phone Number List specialization: in many technical, meical and creative fields, its lists were drawn up by the Russian Feeration Government, and specialists are still being traine to this day. In China, a professional degree is actually equivalent to a master’s degree, but such a degree is not recognize in Europe and is considere a bachelor’s degree. Our table will help you compare Bachelor’s and Associate’s degrees: Bachelor’s degree Years of study suitable for those who plan to further study abroad or start a business Opportunity to study a double degree program and learn experience in a different country.

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A post-Baccalaureate Master’s degree is not considere is the second highest so BT Leads you can get a budgete place you can change your training profile and study in another specialize master’s program you nee to complete a master’s degree to get into graduate school. Study period years are quote in Russian. It is not recognize in foreign countries.It is considere as a bachelor’s degree in one direction and a master’s degree in one direction, so applicants nee to be clear about who they want to be. If the diploma is issue after the year, then you can only enter the business master’s program, Because this is already a second higher eucation After finishing the major, you can immeiately go to graduate school The debate and gossip in the professional world didn’t stop.

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